Goblis Group is an investment management firm focused on:

  • Investing in Promising Social Entrepreneurship Ideas
  • Sourcing for capital to invest in promising start-ups
  • Promote the social economic development of communities

Social Entrepreneurship Commitment

We are committed to conducting business in a responsible way at all times, and to supporting the communities in which we live and work through a range of different programs and activities.

Driving Growth Potential

We create an opportunity to invest small amounts in promising companies with a high level of growth potential. Through these alternative investment opportunities, we drive the realisation of innovative ideas and gain profit.

Capitalizing Promising Ideas

We believe that Africa requires capital to develop the vast resources and make use of high available human capital resource; solutions to Africa’s problems lie with Africans only if they can get the support they require.

Transforming ideas into creative results

We invest in business start-ups of interest in our focus industries that meet our investment criteria by injecting capital in exchange for equity. However, most of the start-ups in our portfolio are our own creativity.